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Release Your Ego

In any religion and philosophy, letting go of your "ego" is crucial to enlightenment or being closer to God. When studying the most honorable humans, the most admirable men and women on Earth, we notice a few common traits: humbleness, selflessness, work for others & great discipline. It is their character that remains.

It is not what they ate for lunch or how fancy their car is, it is not how much time they spent scrolling on their phone or whether they’ve watched the last season of Game Of Thrones…

It is who they are that we remember.

It is how they made other people feel.

It is how they struggled to do the right thing.

It is how they cared about other.

It is how they were able to kill their ego for the greater good, to let others shine.

Their greatness was not defined by their achievements, but by the achievements of those who were fortunate enough to, from near and far, cross paths with them.

As Marcus Aurelius said:

"Good fortune is what you make for yourself. Good fortune: good character, good intentions, and good actions."

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