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Clarity: The By-Product Of Stillness

It's 5:50 AM. How wonderful is the silence of the morning.

I feel so grateful for everything that was given to me. From the air I breathe to nature’s beauty, from my ability to reason to my ability to learn, from my parents to my wife and kids, I am humbled by all that I have.

It’s during those moments of stillness that I find clarity in life. It allows me to re-focus energy and attention on what really matters. Without pausing and reflecting, I would be wasting my time - even if hard at work - aimlessly shooting away my life.

Just like the calming silence between two crashing waves, the long black screen before a dramatic movie scene or the caesura in a symphony, moments of stillness are keys to a life well lived.

Habits that help me find time to re-aim all my energy to things that matter are: writing in my journal, early morning walks, working out in silence, meditations, cold showers.

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