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A Milestone Achieved

I worked so hard to stay consistent.

Despite my shoulder pain, my back pain, my hip pain, my joints cracking and clicking, despite all discomfort and setbacks, I kept pushing through and moving forward. I gave up on harmful thoughts and beliefs that my body is weak or fragile and worked on building psychological and physical resilience. I pushed it every week to its limit in a smooth, egoless way.

I gave up complaining and excuses — left things that were out of my control — out of my mind. I focused more on finding success in my habits and mental toughness instead of on the results I wanted to achieve. Sure, what I achieved in a year, could’ve been achieved in three months by someone else more physically gifted… but the feeling of accomplishment I get is unmatched when more sweat, tears and hardship were involved.

Today, I joined the two plates bench press club.

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